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SUMNET Solutions

SUMNET is a leading engineering solutions provider to Australia’s three major Cable TV networks.

SUMNET is a key resource for hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) technology solutions. SUMNET capabilities include design and build services for cable and fibre optic products that are utilized in these HFC networks.  SUMNET’s engineers are woking with state-of-the-art transponders and testing devices to report and control the operation of cable television HFC networks.

The founder of SUMNET, Paul Jackson, is recognised as one of the primary forces behind the Australian data communication industry.  He and his team of innovative engineers provide inventive solutions to the telecommunications industry.


Today, SUMNET is a trusted resource for Australia’s cable companies: SingTel Optus, Telstra/Foxtel and Austar.  The company provides high volume consumables, such as taps, splitters, connectors and coaxial cable.  In addition to providing low cost and reliable products, SUMNET benefits the cable industry as an authorized repair agent providing repair services for equipment used in the cable industry’s HFC networks.

In some component repairs, the legacy design specifications are not available as the supplier has withdrawn from the market.  In these cases, SUMNET offers engineering expertise to reverse engineer the devices so they can be repaired.  In so doing, they keep system critical equipment operational, avoiding costly replacements before HFC gives way to NBN.

SUMNET has a long history providing innovative solutions to a wide range of industries including cable television, banking, and telecommunications. They now specialize in hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network solutions for the cable television industry which positions them for continued success servicing the deployment of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN).

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