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SUMNET is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of components used by Australia’s three Cable TV companies: SingTel Optus, Telstra/Foxtel and Austar. SUMNET technologists have developed proprietary methods and devices for testing Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) network components.  We also repair or re-engineer core legacy components for these cable networks.

Specialists at Reverse Engineering

SUMNET is specialising in Return to Factory maintenance of components used in HFC networks.  We offer repair of volume RF and Fibre Optical equipment.

From time to time our clients have an exception situation where a device can’t be moved or is no longer supported by the original or secondary manufacturer. Often the original suppliers of these components are out of business or otherwise withdrawn from the Australian market.  In these situations we offer consulting, 1-off repair, or in-field services when equipment can’t be moved.

SUMNET is able to obtain technical information for the testing and repair of these products.  However, there are instances when there isn’t any legacy information available.  In these cases, SUMNET has significant expertise in reverse engineering devices and systems.  In doing so, our clients are able to keep equipment in operation until new products are designed and engineered to replace these critical components.

Additionally, SUMNET has automated many repair steps using specialised test equipment not owned by the cable companies so we can do a better and lower cost repair.

Lastly, each manufacturer’s equipment is different in detail so SUMNET’s expertise in repairs of that particular equipment is advantageous.

SUMNET technical consultants assist clients with electronic or optical equipment selection, as well as design and engineering support for the Hybrid Fibre Coaxial networks.  This has placed us in a key position to support implementations of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN).

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