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SUMNET enjoys a history of design, engineering and manufacturing solutions spanning four decades and supporting a wide range of industries including product inventions for the computer, telecommunications, airlines and banking industries. Today, they are focused on expanding their position in the existing Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) business in support of the Cable television industry. They supply Australia’s three Cable TV companies; SingTel Optus, Telstra/Foxtel and Austar, with network components such as taps, splitters, connectors and coaxial cable and are expanding the range of equipment that they offer.  SUMNET dominates the Cable industry for the repair, re-engineering, retrofitting and testing of core system devices that are no longer in production.

When system-critical components are no longer supported or the suppliers are out of business, this means the network is at risk of an outage due to component failure.  That piece of the network can’t go online until a new component is designed, manufactured and ready for market.  This stalls initiatives like the analog-to-digital television conversion and the National Broadband Network (NBN).

SUMNET bridges the gap by re-engineering these devices so they are service ready for production. This is a much faster (and cost effective) solution as compared to new product development.  In doing this, projects like the digital conversion and the NBN can continue expansion without delay.

The SUMNET Mission

Our mission is to be the technical solutions partner of choice for the world’s leading communications service providers and governments by helping them design, implement and maintain a cost-effective, reliable and resilient communications infrastructure.  We seek to produce a rich return on investments through the rapid deployment of advanced network services so that our clients’ needs are secured now and for subsequent generations.

Our Vision

As a global communications solutions provider, we provide opportunities for growth and a sustainable future for our employees, our business partners and to the communities in which we operate.

Strategic Focus

The platform of our business strategy and focus is on the National Broadband Network (NBN).  We seek to expand our share of partner and government information technology spending.   Through opportunities such as the NBN and global advancement, we are in the perfect position to take advantage of these unique opportunities.  We are focusing primary attention to opportunities and events related to the increased role of cloud networking, video, collaboration, and network virtualization in the marketplace.

SUMNET maintains a factory / workshop at an undisclosed location in Sydney’s north. The facility operates to world’s best practice standards, including Quality Assurance in compliance with AS/NZ/ISO 9001, & OH&S procedures in compliance with both existing NSW legislation AND the changes which will come into force in 2012. Everyday, we demonstrate our commitment to national and international excellence by meeting and exceeding recognised standards.

SUMNET Leaders

Dr. Paul Jackson

B.Sc., B.E.(Hons 1), Ph.D., MIEE
SUMNET Founder

Since completing a B.Sc., then a B.E. (Hons 1) and finally a Ph.D. degree in 1970, all at Sydney University, Dr. Jackson founded Summit Communications which then became one of the founders of the data communication sector in Australia. Following the sale of Summit to Datacraft Ltd, Paul then started SUMNET Pty Limited, which took over some projects from Summit and branched out into Cable TV related projects. Dr. Jackson has more than 45 years of commitment to excellence through Summit then SUMNET’s start-up and growth modes. Client names included major Australian companies such as Telstra, IBM, CBA & Optus.

Dr. Jackson is one ofAustralia’s leading computer hardware design engineers and has a high reputation internationally in the field of data communications.  He leads SUMNET’s R&D and Management with an extensive knowledge of both electronic communications and specialized industrial control.

Dr. Jackson also served as Managing Director of Summit Communications, which was sold to public company Datacraft Ltd in 1988. It was a significant supplier to major companies in industries such as banking, CBA & Westpac, airlines, Qantas, Ansett & TAA, mining, construction, and transport.

He is inventor of large and ultra-reliable Data Communications Matrix Switch, SUNS which had wide international and local appeal. He is also co-inventor of SHSA1 for broadcast quality video conferencing over a collection of slow speed circuits, which was accepted by CCITT as the international standard.

Mr. Graham Daniels

B.E, B.Sc.
Consultant Engineer Research & Development

After years of working for Summit, after its sale to Datacraft, Graham left to the government research organization, CSIRO, and was part of the team that recently won the Prime Minister’s 2010 Science award for developing the widely used WiFi system. Graham consults to the R&D section of SUMNET and is one of the foremost systems designers and real-time programmers inAustralia. He has been the ideal complement to the concepts in design involved by Dr. Jackson.

Mengxin Wang

Manager of Sales

Mengxin joined SUMNET in 2007 working in Marketing and New Business development for both SUMNET’s national and international markets. With her past experience in international data communication product sales in China, and applying a long-term strategic planning role for SUMNET, Mengxin is a welcome addition to the products and services SUMNET offers its clients.

Mengxin Wang holds Master degree in marketing from Newcastle University, with a Bachelor degree of International Economics and Trade.

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